Rain’s Interview in ‘Viral Festival 2017’

Jung Ji Hoon as singer Rain or Hollywood actor Rain, or as the husband of Korea’s top female star Kim Tae Hee? Whatever the name, he is a happy Rain who has just completed his performance in Bangkok, Thailand. For 2 days on June 3th and 4th, he attended the ‘Viral Festival 2017’ event that was held magnificently at the Bangkok Show DC. In an interview with the International media before the show, Rain introduced his life.

Last January, he married Kim Tae Hee. Again there was a top star who became a couple, he commented, “After marriage, nothing special has changed.”

Image Source: NYLON Magazine

. Now married, how do you feel after having a family?

I hope my family can be a happy family because this is my goal, I’m happier than ever and I’m enjoying myself. My music and my appearance are as usual prepared for them. I do my work just like usual.

. Is it now your ‘happiest time in life’?

The happiest time is the standard. Since I was a kid, when I was in college if my mathematics exam was good, it was a happy time, when I came into a good group as well it’s a happy moment. Every time has different standards, this is a happy moment for me if viewed from the current standard.

. You are invited to this event as a representative of K-POP. How do you feel?

A lot of people are saying good things to me, but other than me, there are many other good juniors. I feel guilty if there’s any news calling me a K-POP representative. I do my activities with my usual style, then I will try to appear humble so K-POP can continue to grow. The drama that I played 13 years ago (Full House) got a good response, my popularity has also developed to overseas such as Hongkong and Thailand. Since then, Thailand is like my home. Every time I come there, it feels good.

This year, at the 3rd ‘Viral Festival 2017’ starting from Rain, there are 10 other artists gathered from Asia, such as from Japan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, and others.

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