Let’s Follow How Song Hye Kyo Cleans Her Face With Milk!

Image Source : W Korea Magazine

Since her debut, Song Hye Kyo is considered as one of the representatives of actresses who have a beautiful and healthy skin in the entertainment industry. Although she is known for her natural beauty, she actually enjoys daily beauty treatments using natural ingredients such as milk and cucumber. Moreover, experts say that using cleansing milk is the secret of her skin to be that white and flawless. Experts say that milk has a powerful whitening function to remove blackheads that are around the face. How to use it ? It’s pretty simple. Heat the cold milk properly, extract it in the sink, and press it to the face and let your skin absorbs it. In the case of having a skin problem, clean the oil with a foam cleanser and finish with cold water. If milk cleansing is impractical, moisturize the milk on cotton or gauze, then place it on the forehead or under the eyes or around your chin, and you will get the whitening effect while removing dead skin. However, you must not exceed 10 minutes, and it is advisable to apply the moist cream immediately after cleaning.

Image Source: Star Magazine

1. Regular whitening treatment by using milk
2. Tapping to increase the absorption rate of the milk which will make your skin glow
3. Regular keratin usage that is taken from the milk

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