Park Soo Jin and Suzy’s Honey Skin Treatment

‘3 Step Cleansing’ Park Soo Jin

Cleansing is a common thing done in facial treatment. Park Soo Jin who is famous for her beautiful skin is now introducing her ‘3 step cleansing’. The trick of the three steps is to use water. The essence of Park Soo Jin’s cleaning method is to wash the face with warm water and ends it with a cold water.

Image Source: High Cut

The first step, apply a cleansing cream to the entire face, then heat the makeup with hands all over the face. Even better if we choose the cream that helps in removing keratin. Gently massage the face, clean the makeup and wash our face with water.

The second step, use a bubble cleanser to clean the rest of the product in the pores. Reduce the irritation by releasing the fingertips, gently, scrub up to the pores. Rinse face with warm water and then cold water.

The third step, take the white part of the egg then spreads evenly across the face. Soap can be replaced with this. Leave for 5 minutes, clean with hot water and cold water.

Suzy ‘How To Cleanup 4-2-4’

In an event, Suzy once shared her way to take care of her skin. “Clean it carefully and gently for a long time” Suzy also introduced the ‘Cleaning Way with 4-2-4.’

Image Source: ELLE

‘How to clean with 4-2-4’? there are 3 stages, named that way because each part is divided into 4 minutes, 2 minutes, and 4 minutes. Firstly, wipe the face with cleansing oil for 4 minutes to remove dust in the pores. Then massage with soap for 2 minutes. Finally, rinse with warm water for 4 minutes while wiping around the hairline.

Suzy’s skin care routine is quite popular. Do not wipe the remaining water with a towel but pat it by hand.