The Astounding Beauty of Lee Jun Ki

In July’s issue of Vogue Korea, Lee Joon Ki’s strong presence became a hot topic. Lee Jun Ki’s agency also attracted attention by publishing additional photo pieces of the actor.
Image Source: Vogue Korea Magazine

Lee Joon Ki wore a variety of clothes perfectly, including shirts and jackets, and got applause from the staff.

One of the staffs on the photo shoot said, “Lee Joon Ki’s photoshoot has ended with ease. I think Lee Joon Ki is an actor with a lot of emotion on his face. All of the photos came out well, and it became difficult to pick the A still cut (the ones that are going to be published). Cuts that were not put into the magazine would also be revealed. There’s something positive when shooting a collection of photos with the actor, as the photos come out looking like they’re in the drama. I’m sure Lee Joon Ki’s fans will feel even more satisfied.”

Image Source: Vogue Korea Magazine
Besides that, Lee Joon Ki will meet his fans through an upcoming tvN drama, ‘Criminal Mind’. The drama ‘Criminal Mind’ is a Korean version of USA’s Criminal Mind. The casts include Son Hyun Joo, Lee Joon Ki, Moon Chae Won, and others. This drama is focusing on a criminal psychological investigation to solve a serial murder case by profiling techniques.

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