Some Unpublished Photos from Eric and Na Hye Mi’s Wedding

“We are the bridesmaids and grooms.”

Eric from ‘Shinhwa’ made a marriage vow with actress Na Hye Mi in the afternoon of July 1st. They held a holy wedding ceremony at a church located in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Image Source : Soyoo Bridal

Eric is the first member of ‘Shinhwa’ to get married. While taking photos, other members of Shinhwa, who were the grooms of the day, confidently shouted “We are Sinhwa!” while the bridesmaids said, “We are bridesmaids.”

The wedding was like a movie. Eric and Na Hye Mi celebrated the day with a great celebration.

Image Source : Soyoo Bridal

‘Shinhwa’ debuted in 1998. Along the course of twenty years, they have changed their formation twice. However, their friendship is eternal.

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