BTS ‘Comeback Home’ Replaces ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears’

On July 4 at 6 pm, BTS announced Seo Tae Ji’s remake song titled ‘Comeback Home’. BTS song titled ‘Comeback Home’ is a 1995 song sung by Seo Tae Ji, it has a heavy bass sound and strong beats. With a strong tone, BTS creates a different feeling with their own unique color.

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

The members made a new rap from the remake song ‘Comeback home’. BTS ‘Comeback Home’ has a social message, they also stressed the efforts of the younger generation to achieve their goals.

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

The hit song ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ has an intelligent rap lyrics. In the lyrics, it says ‘Why do we lose time?’ ‘My blood and sweat are speaking honestly’, ‘Now I put my name on the cup and come home’.

‘Comeback Home’ Seo Tae Ji is made with more trendy arrangements and rap by BTS, a song released 22 years ago is being reborn as a masterpiece.

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