Cho Jin Woong, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Kim Joo Hyuk are Confirmed for ‘Dokjeon’

An upcoming criminal action movie titled ‘Dokjeon’ has confirmed its players. The movie itself has started filming on July 1st. ‘Dokjeon’ tells the pursuit of Korea’s largest drug organization’s boss named ‘Lee Sun Saeng’. To catch him, a detective named ‘Won Ho’ with an guy called ‘Rak’.

Image Source : Yong Film

Cho Jin Woong plays as detective Won Ho who wants to capture Lee Sun Saeng, whose name, age, gender, and identity are unknown. The character of ‘Won Ho’ is hard and brilliant, and on the process, he will an inner conflict with himself.

Image Source : Yong Film

‘Rak’ is actually one of Lee Sun Saeng’s subordinates. The character will be portrayed by Ryu Jun Yeol. Meanwhile, Kim Joo Hyuk will play as ‘Ha Rim’, a Chinese drug lord.

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