‘Bride of Water God’ Gong Myung’s First Appearance in the Human World

In tvN’s ‘Bride of Water God 2017’, ‘Biryeom’ or ‘God of Sky’ played by Gong Myung has attracted attention with the still cut of his action at a high place which adds to the tension.

Image Source: tvN

In the photo released on the 10th, Gong Myung is seen relaxing on a building equipped with wire. As a ‘celestial deity’ that controls the sky between the tall buildings and under a blue sky, he looks charismatic and increases both curiosity and tension at the same time.

Especially it is Gong Myung’s first scene to appear as ‘Biryeom’. What kind of unexpected charm that he will reveal? the still cut also shows the first appearance of a God in the world as a ‘trouble maker’ and ‘social king’ who gain interest and attention from viewers.

Image Source: tvN

Meanwhile, in the ‘Bride of Water God 2017’, Gong Myung is the god who controls the sky named Biryeom and earned the nickname ‘social king’ that will lead a strange rivalry with the water god Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) and has a ‘Rivalry chemistry’ as well as a quarrel with the controller of the Hydrangea, Moo Ra (Jung Soo Jung) and a ‘revenge chemistry’.

A thrilling first scene with quality action from Gong Myung can be seen in tvN drama ‘Bride of Water God 2013’ episode 3 aired on July 10 at 22.50 South Korean time.

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