‘V.I.P’ First Trailer Shows Lee Jong Suk’s Strong Transformation

‘V.I.P’ is a crime movie about four men who have different aims, one wants to hide the case, one wants to arrest him, one wants a revenge, and they are in the situation where NIS and CIA are planning to make the VIP from North Korea as the suspect in serial killings.

Image Source: Warner Bros

In the first trailer that has been released, we can see the characters representing every organization like NIS agent Park Jae Hyuk (Jang Dong Gun), police detective Chae Yi Do (Kim Myung Min), North Korea’s security agent Gong Lee Dae Bum (Park Hee Soon), To the American CIA agent Paul (Peter Stormare).

They will all make us curious about the whole story of the incident involving South Korean V.I.P figure Kim Kwang Il (Lee Jong Suk).

Image Source: Warner Bros

Although the state cannot control the law, V.I.P Kim Kwang Il is able to dominate the screen with his strong presence even though it was brief.

Lee Jong Suk, the actor who gets his first villain role, along with veteran actors Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, and Park Hee Soon, will play in ‘V.I.P’ which will be released in August.

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