Kim Young Kwang Expresses His Worries Regarding Kim Woo Bin’s Condition

Actor Kim Young Kwang expressed his support for his close friend Kim Woo Bin, who is currently battling cancer. Kim Young Kwang recently conducted an interview regarding the end of MBC’s drama, ‘Lookout’, at a cafe in Gangnam. “After I heard the news of Kim Woo Bin’s illness, I was very worried. I hope he will get better and recover soon,” said Kim Young Kwang.

Image source: Esquire

Kim Young Kwang and Kim Woo Bin, both models-turned-actors, once worked together in a drama called ‘White Christmas’. In 2011, KBS’s special drama ‘White Christmas’ was aired, featuring Kim Young Kwang, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Soo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun, and Sung Joon, a series of models that have now become top stars. Many fans dubbed their combination as ‘Model Avengers’.

Image Source : KBS

Kim Young Kwang was very careful when mentioning Kim Woo Bin’s name. Amidst this sensitive issue, when Kim Woo Bin’s name was mentioned, he talked of his friend with a worried expression.

“At first, I did not know anything about this (that Kim Woo Bin is suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer). I knew it through an article, then I sent a message to him. I’m very worried. I believe he can recover, I do not doubt it, but it’s hard for me so I keep worrying about it. I hope he (Kim Woo Bin) can get well soon.”

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