First Episode of ‘The King Loves’ Presents a 60 Minutes Broadcast Filled with Beautiful Visuals

On July 17th, MBC’s ‘The King Loves’ aired its first episode. ‘The King Loves’ is a drama depicting the bromance between Crown Prince Wang Won (Im Siwan) and Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun), his friend who comes from a royal family. Meanwhile, there is a character named Eun San (Yoon Ah) who will ruin their friendship as both men will fall in love with her.

Image Source : MBC

In this episode, Wang Won and Eun San were reunited after 7 years. ‘How could you say that to a woman?’ Eun San, who was angry with Wan Won’s words, pulled his collars. In the midst of Eun San’s heroic appearance and Wang Won’s words “I know you”, there was an intriguing hint of their future relationship.

Image Source : MBC

The scene continued with a flashback. Seven years earlier, Wang Won had just discovered the lives of people outside the palace. With Wang Rin, he visited a village and faced a group of people who were attacked by assassins. In front of Wang Won and Wang Rin’s eyes, Eun San’s mother died. Wang Won delivered her last words to her daughter, and from that point on, their destiny was begun.

Image Source : MBC

Back to the present time, the three people have met again. They have a bond that was not easily broken. Together, they went to a high mountain to drink alcoho. Suddenly, Wang Won broke his leg. Wang Won looked for Eun San and said, “All right. This is the story of me, who loves you more than anyone.”

With a 60-minutes episode filled with lovely sceneries and refreshing plot, ‘The King Loves’ kicked off with a quite promising start, establishing the relationship between the three main leads by showing flashback to their past.

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