Kim Jae Joong’s Undeniable Visual in the First Filming of ‘Manhole’

KBS 2TV’s latest drama “Manhole: Feel So Good” will premiere on August 9th, replacing the drama ‘Queen for Seven Days’. On July 18th, the drama ‘Manhole’ released a still cut of Kim Jae Joong who will play as Bong Pil and increased the audience’s curiosity toward the drama.

Image Source: KBS

The drama ‘Manhole’ is a comic adventure drama depicting the time traveling adventure, when a man accidentally falls into a hole. The man is Kim Jae Joong who plays as Bing Pil. Bong Pil will take the viewers on his unexpected trip and it is expected to attract the viewers’ attention.

Kim Jae Joong has shown his drastic acting transformation since his debut. In this drama, Kim Jae Joong will be traveling between the past and the present with a lodge. Kim Jae Joong who is disappointed with Su Jin (UEE)’s marriage news time traveled by going into the hole to stop her marriage. The time travel of Bong Pil sometimes gives a sense of laughter but it is also touching and moving.

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