Kim Soo An in ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘Battleship Island’, There Is No Child Actress Like Her

There are child actors and actresses whose existence are like gifts in the film industry.

When this small and cute child comes out, the audience will feel their emotions which can move their heart.

Last year, surpassing 10 million viewers, there was Korea’s first zombie blockbuster movie titled ‘Train to Busan’ and now it will be followed by the first memories of Japanese military warship movie which will tell the true story of ‘Battleship Island’, and between these two movies, a child actress emerged. She is an 11-year-old Kim Soo An, the emotions that she can show through her acting is powerful despite her small body.

Image Source : Next Entertainment World

Ryu Seung Wan said, “Kim Soo An is a genius. I’ve never seen an actress like that. She has a great talent, and she’s really a gem in this movie”.

What’s interesting is Kim Soo An was offered in this year’s blockbuster work after her work last year. In ‘Train to Busan’, she plays as Soo An who boarded the train to Busan to meet her mother with his father (Gong Yoo). Gong Yoo desperately blocked the zombies to protect his only daughter, Soo An. At the end of the film, Gong Yoo who got bitten by the zombie smiled at his daughter Soo An and then died. In extreme circumstances, Kim Soo An desperately runs from a zombie, and then mixes with people, she does a pretty good job in this movie.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

Then she showed her brilliant acting skills in the new movie ‘Battleship Island’. This time, she plays the role of So Hee, the daughter of Lee Gang Ok (Hwang Jung Min). Both act like father and daughter and entertain the audience. Even in the most desperate situations, she gives a smile without losing her hope. Kim Soo An on behalf of her father ran desperately to escape from a warship.

The film production team said, “She is a great actress who has the charms needed to be a character that glows like a sunshine just like what most children have. She is a genius who knows how to act with other actors even in difficult situations”.

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