Nam Joo Hyuk Caught Im Joo Hwan with Shin Se Kyung in ‘Bride of the Water God’

In the 10th episode of ‘Bride of the Water God’, Habaek and Hoo Ye had a misunderstanding.

In that episode, Habaek and Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) confirmed each other’s feelings through a kiss. However, soon after that, Moo Ra (Krystal) contacted Habaek and said that Joo Dong’s memory had returned. “His memory has returned?” asked So Ah. Yoon So Ah knew that it meant Habaek must go back to gather with the Gods.

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Finally, Yoon So Ah drove Habaek to where the gods were. “Looks like it’s over. If the stone has been found, I also want to see it,” said Yoon So Ah. As the last stone had been found, Habaek must return to the God’s Realm. He had to split from So Ah. “I’ll just look at your eyes” So Ah said to herself. Before he really went away, Habaek asked for another kiss.

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Shin Hoo Ye did not go to Yoon So Ah’s hospital, he decided to drink alcohol alone. Yoon So Ah waited for Shin Hoo Ye late at night. When he did not come, So Ah decided to call him. In a drunken state, Shin Hoo Ye went to So Ah’s hospital.

Habaek was worried because Yoon So Ah had not come home even though it was already late. He called Yoon So Ah. When Yoon So Ah was on the phone with Habaek, she hung up the phone after saying “Mr. Shin!” Habaek immediately went to So Ah’s place. At that moment, Hoo Ye thought So Ah as Habaek, and did an aggressive action before finally realizing who was the figure in front of him.

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Hoo Ye apologized, and at that moment, Habaek appeared, seeing So Ah with Hoo Ye. A misunderstanding happened between them.

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