‘Live Up to Your Name’, a Time-Travel with Comedic Twist, to Fill ‘Secret Forest’ Slot

‘Secret Forest’, which has ended last week, will be replaced by ‘Live Up to Your Name’.

On August 1st, the team of ‘Live Up to Your Name’ had a press conference.

Image Source: tvN

‘Live Up to Your Name’ is a drama about Heo Im, an oriental doctor whose acupuncture treatment was highly recognized in the 17th century Joseon. One day, he met Choi Yeon Kyung, a doctor who only believed in modern medicine. The drama has is a time travel comedy with a touching plot.

Kim Nam Gil returns to the screen after four years as Heo Im, an acupuncturist. He was the greatest and most gifted doctor in the Joseon Dynasty.

Image Source: tvN

Kim Ah Jung acts as Choi Yeon Kyung, a doctor from Seoul who has a cold heart. She has a stunning visual. The character she plays is someone who does not believe in oriental medicine.

Image Source: tvN

Kim Ah Jung said, “This drama does not describe the conflict between an acupuncturist and a modern doctor, but illustrates the perceived barriers of medical world 400 years ago and modern treatment technology, which has changed and become more advanced.”

‘Live Up to Your Name’ will start airing every Saturday and Sunday on August 12th at tvN at 21.00PM KST.

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