Song Joong Ki, Park Seo Joon, and Lee Jong Suk: Three Handsome Men Adorning Korean Summer Cinemas

This summer, the cinema screen is enlivened by South Korean main actors. On August 24th, Lee Jong Suk’s film ‘V.I.P’ will be released. ‘The Battleship Island’, starring Song Joong Ki, is already a box office, while Park Seo Joon will appear as the main character of ‘Midnight Runners’. The three actors attracted public’s attention not only with their looks but also with their strong acting skills.

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Song Joong Ki, who gained popularity with his latest drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’, is now catching people’s attention once more with his latest film, ‘The Battleship Island’. The character that Song Joong Ki played in ‘The Battleship Island’ is Park Moo Young, who is more charismatic and stronger than his character in’Descendants of the Sun’, Yeo Shi Jin. Though the movie has just been released on July 26, it has managed to earn more than 5 million viewers.

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Next, there is Park Seo Joon, who’s going to come with ‘Midnight Runners’ on August 9th. In his latest drama, ‘Fight for My Way’, Park Seo Joon played the role of Ko Dong Nam, someone who dreams of being a martial arts athlete. His portrayal of the character received a lot of love from viewers. In ‘Midnight Runners’, he portrayed a character named Ki Joon, a member of a police academy.

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Lastly, there is Lee Jong Suk, who plans to heat the summer even more with his latest film titled ‘V.I.P’, scheduled to air on August 24th. ‘VIP’ is a crime film about four men with different aims: Someone who wants to hide a case, two who want to capture the criminal, and someone who wants revenge, in situations where NIS and CIA trap a VIP from North Korea as a suspect in serial killings. Lee Jong Suk had performed well in his latest drama, ‘W’, so viewers predict that ‘V.I.P’ will be a movie that will demonstrate his best acting as well.

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