OCN ‘Save Me’, Will It Break the Rules With Pseudo-Religion?

Could ‘Save Me’ brings OCN out of the mainstream genre?

The new weekend drama of the OCN cable channel ‘Save Me’ is based on the popular webtoon ‘Out of the World’. A family of four struggled to save a girl who is tied to a pseudo-religion. This genre is a pseudo-thriller, almost a first attempt in the Korean drama.

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Actress Seo Ye Ji starred in this drama as a female prisoner. In the previously released trailer, she said, “Help me,” in a shaky voice and fearful eyes. Then an additional 4 men appeared, focusing on Han Sang Hwan who is played by Ok Taecyeon, then Suk Dong Chul by Woo Do Hwan, then Woo Jung Hoon by Lee David, and Choi Man Hee by Ha Hwi Jung.

At the event of the drama release, about the drama genre’s character, the director said, “I think there will be a side of luck. However, this is a story that addresses the problems of today’s society and the problem of human relationships beyond the level of the story of solving the problem of pseudo-religious groups. This is also the story of a boy who saved a girl who has been restricted beyond material discomfort. The process of young people against an unjust world of adults is also an interesting thing”.

OCN with their dramas that are focusing on investigations such as ’38 Revenue Collection Unit’, ‘The Tunnel’, ‘The Voice’, ‘Duel’, and other dramas, get a good response from the audience, it should be noted that it will be possible to expand the genre and provides a fresh and fun genre through the drama ‘Save Me’.

On the other hand, ‘Save Me’ will premiere on August 5th, at 22:20.

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