There Are ‘Genius Actresses’ in Each Hit Movies: Shin Rin Ah, Kim Soo An, Ahn Seo Hyun

Three young actresses who became the main actress in a work show the uniqueness of their presence with an acting that can level an adult actor. This summer, one of the best blockbuster movies, has something in common with ‘genius actresses’ who perform a variety of adult-like scenes that go beyond their age.

From Shin Rin Ah who plays the ‘mysterious girl’ in the movie ‘The Mimic’, and in ‘Battleship Island’, there is Kim Soo An who plays as So Hee, the daughter of Lee Kang Wook from Hotel Gyung Sung, and Ahn Seo Hyun is the main character of the movie ‘Okja’, a girl who grew up with a big beast on a mountain in Gangwon-do. From thriller, comedy, to touching movie, they play an important role in box office movies as they perform various performances that can level the adult actors.

Image Source: Next Entertainment World

In the movie ‘The Mimic’, Shin Rin Ah, who has made a mysterious movie about a family that surrounds ‘Jang San Bum’ that imitates the voice, is already known by the public through the movie ‘Princess Deokhye’ and drama ‘Defendant’. She has made her face recognizable. Shin Rin Ah is a mysterious girl who goes a step further with the acting she performs in this mystery thriller genre, ‘The Mimic’, and offers amazing tension to the audience with her voice and eyes.

Image Source: Next Entertainment World, CJ Entertainment

Kim Soo An, who joined the famous actors through ‘Train to Busan’ last year, once again shows her charisma through her role as So Hee, Hwang Jung Min’s daughter from Kyung Sung Hotel in ‘Battleship Island’. Kim Soo An is not only dancing and singing, but also showing a performance alongside Hwang Jung Min, adding the excitement and touching feelings in the drama.

Image Source: Next Entertainment World

Ahn Seo Hyun, the main character of ‘Okja’, who becomes a hot topic before the opening of the exhibition and is loved by the audience, played as Mi Ja, who grew up on a mountain in Gangwon-do. Ahn Seo Hyun has been loved by the audience through her pure figure of a mountain girl and her own struggle to save ‘Okja’.

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