So Ye Ji’s Family Got Help from Ok Taecyeon and His Friends in the First Episode of ‘Save Me’

On Saturday’s episode of ‘Save Me’ (8/5), Im Sang Mi (So Ye Ji)’s family left Muji to escape the pseudo religion in that city.

Image Source: OCN

However, in the middle of the way, the vehicle that Sang Mi’s family used got fire, which made the whole vehicle exploded. On another hand, in Muji, Baek Jung Ki (Cho Seung Ha) took a black and red liquid from a cancer patient’s body to demonstrate how to treat cancer patients. There was also a scene where the followers of the pseudo religion sang and danced, which was quite a surprise.

Image Source: OCN

Back to Sang Mi’s family, there were four guys, Han Sang Hwang (Taecyeon), Seok Dong Cheol, Woo Jung Hoon, Choi Man Hee wearing a black raincoat under the heavy rain who appeared to save her family. The four young men rode motorcycles and approached the family nervously, but they showed a warm face at the car service center and spoke with a funny regional accent.

Meanwhile, Im Sang Mi’s family visited their acquaintance, Im Joo Ho, who were suffering from bigger difficulties. Baek Jung Ki watched Im Sang Mi’s family move to a shabby house and paid special attention to them. Baek Jung Ki specifically gave prayer to Im Sang Mi’s family, and Baek Jung Ki’s black liquid has been taken over.

Image Source: OCN

Ok Taecyeon’s mysterious appearance in the drama, Cho Seong Ha’s transformation with his white hair, and the editing which made the drama looks like a movie was completed with convincing acting from the casts. ‘Save Me’ was met by warm responses from the audience.

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