FT Island to Hold An Europe Tour to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

To celebrate their 10th year debut, FT Island plans to hold a tour in Europe.

FT Island will visit 6 European countries, starting with Moscow on October 20; Hungary, Budapest (on 22); Warsaw, Poland (on the 24th); Amsterdam, Netherlands (on the 26th); Paris. France (on 27); Istanbul, Turkey (on the 29th) will open the European tour with the theme ‘2017 FT ISLAND LIVE [X] IN EUROPE’ (or ‘X’), and this will show their strength as a global representative of Korean band by meeting their fans.

Image Source: Dazed Magazine

FT Island visited Europe about two and a half years ago after the ‘FTHX’ world tour in 2015. It will be the 10th anniversary of their debut, they are ready to greet their future. FT Island will feature live performances with a list of colorful sets including the main song ‘WIND’ from the album ‘OVER 10 YEARS’ which released in June on this event, and will paint Europe with an explosive voice.

FT Island is a band with a broad spectrum of music who can pull off any genre. The American music media billboard delivered, “We have paved the way for other bands. This is a band that has a 10-year history that can hardly be seen in the competitive K-pop market. They are known as a representative rock band in Korea and have a solid position”.

Image Source: FNC Entertainment

Meanwhile, FT Island will host ‘2017 FT ISLAND LIVE [X] IN SEOUL’ at Blue Card Samsung Card Hall on September 26-27, and will give the Korean fans a powerful stage to blow the summer heat in this mid-summer!

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