Monsta X to Hold European World Tour in France, Germany, and Russia

Monsta X has started to visit Europe for their world tour, ‘BEAUTIFUL’. The first European country that the group will visit is France on July 9th. On August 11th and 13th, Monsta X will hold a concert in Germany and Russia.

Monsta X’s agency said, “The members have mixed feelings regarding their European tour. They will give their best.”

Image Source : Starship Entertainment

Previously, ‘MONSTA X, THE FIRST WORLD TOUR -BEAUTIFUL-‘ has been done in Seoul, Hongkong, USA, and Thailand. This time, Monsta X will captivate European fans.

On July 27th, Monsta X released a summer song titled ‘Newton’. The group’s first repackage album, ‘SHINE FOREVER’, was ranked first on various domestic charts. In addition, on June 20, the song ranked number 1 on the ‘Worldwide iTunes Chart K-Pop’ chart in 19 countries, including America and Japan, proving their globally recognized popularity.

Image Source : Starship Entertainment

Meanwhile, Monsta X is also known to have been invited to perform on Summer Sonic’s Osaka stage on August 19 and Tokyo stage on August 20.

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