Ok Taecyeon Refuses to Help Seo Ye Ji, Who is Bullied by Her New School Mate in ‘Save Me’

The second episode of Save Me (8/6) was filled by demonstration of violence and bullying in a school, also the intervention of a pseudo-religion toward a family who had just moved to town.

As shown in the first episode, Im Sang Mi’s family had to move to a new town because their family business had just collapsed. The crisis that the Im family was going through was depicted realistically. Sang Mi and her siblings had to move to Muji High School. In the new school, Sang Mi and her twin, Im Sang Jin, a polio-affected patient, were bullied by the students.

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Both of them were the targets of bully, and as the situation got worse, Sang Jin decided to commit suicide. The Im family mourned Sang Jin’s death. However, The funeral was very quiet, no one gave any wreaths for them. The Im family sobbed as they were deeply hurt by this incident.

When the family was still mourning, Baek Jung Gi (Jo Seung Ha), the pseudo-religion group pastor/leader, approached them. Baek Jung Ki showed his sadness toward what happened to the family, which made the Ims feel touched.

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Meanwhile, Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) refused to help Sang Mi when she said “Help me”, showing his different choice from Suk Dong Chul (Woo Do Hwan). When the family had just moved to town, Sang Jin and Sang Mi were helped by the two guys, but after that, Sang Hwan’s father, Han Yong Min, asked him to stay out of trouble as Han Yong Min needed to win the next election. Yong Min warned Sang Hwan not to do anything reckless that could defame their family’s name, especially because Sang Hwan’s father were lying sick in a hospital.

Meanwhile, Dong Chul actually helped Sang Mi. He confronted the students who bullied her, who then surprised him by saying, “You are nothing without Han Sang Hwan!”.

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Problems are starting to arise in this episode. How will Sang Hwan and Dong Chul’s differing stance affect Sang Mi? Will Sang Mi’s family join the pseudo-religion group in their new community?

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