TWICE’s ‘CHEER UP’ MV Has Surpassed 200 Million Views

TWICE’s ‘CHEER UP’ MV has been viewed over 200 million times on Youtube. With this TWICE became the first K-POP girl group whose two MVs have surpassed 200 million viewers.

On May 26th, TWICE’s ‘TT’ MV also became the first K-POP girl group’s music video to reach 200 million views.

Image Source: Youtube

TWICE shows not only an extraordinary strength, but they have set new records and they are expected to continue setting a new record in the future. In May this year TWICE has released a song for the 4th mini album titled ‘SIGNAL’ and its MV has now been watched over 90,890,000 times, reaching 100 million viewers real soon.

TWICE’s ‘SIGNAL’ has reached over 100 million viewers and 5 MV of other songs from TWICE on Youtube has reached more than 100 million viewers too.

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