‘Bride of the Water God’ Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung, Gong Myung and Krystal’s Sweet Kiss

Audience ‘Bride of Water God 2017’ shows satisfaction over the kiss between Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung and the strong kiss of Gong Myung and Krystal.

On August 15, tvN’s ‘Bride of the Water God’ episode 14, Bi Ryeom (Gong Myung) beat up Shin Hoo Ye (Im Joo Hwan) for the death of his friend in the past. He became a bit brutal because he felt he was unable to protect his best friend.

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Moo Ra (Krystal) entertained Bi Ryeom. She slapped Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) and blamed him for what happened in the past. “Enough. I will destroy you. Though Habaek hated it, though Mr. Shin is inexcusable, even if you hate yourself. Don’t think that you can run off and leave Mo Myung”, Moo Ra said. “This is all I can do for you,” then Moo Ra kissed Bi Ryeom.

“Are you happy?” Asked Moo Ra. “Are you kidding?” replied Bi Ryeom. Then Bi Ryeom pulled up Moo Ra’s waist and slowly kissed her back. After all this time Bi Ryeom was suffering as a friend of Moo Ra, she reassured his feelings. After that Bi Ryeom asked again “Can I kiss you again?” which Moo Ra replied, “Do you want to die?”.

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Habaek and Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung)’s love is getting deeper. Habaek is jealous seeing Yoon So Ah with Shin Hoo Ye. When Habaek got home he kissed her. Thanks to Habaek’s endless kiss, Yoon So Ah’s heart cannot rest.

After that, they opened their eyes. Yoon So Ah sees Habaek and said, “Our story will be a myth”. The romance between a human and a God is the reason of the many unexpected events. That’s why Yoon So Ah is comforted by Habaek’s kiss. The kiss of both at the ending looks beautiful like a picture.

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In this episode, the kiss scene in ‘Bride of Water God 2017’ is very beautiful. It further impresses the audience. Many people are supporting Nam Joo Hyuk – Shin Se Kyung and Gong Myung – Krystal thanks to the kiss scenes that look like a photo shoot. The audience is feeling thankful for the production team that presents 3 kisses in 1 episode.

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