The Make Up That Complements Song Hye Kyo’s Clear Skin, the Slightly Arched Brows Complete Her Charming Visual

The Make up keywords that come to mind when remembering actress Song Hye Kyo would be ‘graceful’, ‘innocent’, ‘clean’, and others.

Song Hye Kyo who debuted in 1996 got a lot of love for her bright and clean image. Thanks to the image Song Hye Kyo almost never use makeup with a thick color.

Image source: Laneige

Recently, to show her bright skin Song Hye Kyo uses thin makeup with more attention to her lipstick.

When using a thick lipstick is popular, Song Hye Kyo also follows the trend. But after that Song Hye Kyo showcases her make up that matches her clean and innocent image so that her charms will attract attention.

Not only that, despite the trend of the eyebrow shape, Song Hye Kyo still keeps her arched eyebrows. The shape of eyebrows that are trending lately has a deficiency, which makes the face look stiff.

Image source: Laneige

Song Hye Kyo maintains an eyebrow shape that fits perfectly with her face shape and also maintains the kind of makeup that she usually wears.

Not only eyebrows and lips, Song Hye Kyo’s eye makeup certainly attracts attention. Song Hye Kyo often wears a nude tone or bright pink eyeshadow that define her eyes more.

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