Winter Olympic 2018 in Kangwon-do, ‘2 Days 1 Night Winter Vacation’

Travel destinations:

 Nami Island – Pyeongchang Woljeongsa – Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium – Gangneung (accomodation) – Olympic Promotion Hall – Kyungpo

Winter trip to Kangwon -do, where the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic 2018 (9 ~ 10 February 2018) takes place surrounded by beautiful nature, summer and other beautiful scenery. It is exciting to imagine meeting the athletes at the Alpensia Resort or Pyeongchang Olympic Promotional Hall in Pyeongchang, added with a capable ski pavilion, and enjoying attractions around the Olympics, such as Woljeongsa Temple and Gangneung Olympic Village.

Nami Island

Nami Island is filled with ginkgo trees, cypresses, and cherries. In Nami Island, we can spend our time walking through forest tracks, riding bikes, or snapping drama filming locations. This is Nami Island’s unique charm. The famous street that appears in the drama ‘Winter Sonata’ is called metasequoia. Metasequoia has a high but straight shape.

Image Source : KTO

Woljeongsa Temple

Woljeongsa Temple in Pyeongchang is famous for its pine forest road built in the form of millennium. Heavy forest that is not exposed to sunlight still feels natural and comfortable.

Templestay is a program where visitors can experience the Korean monastic lifestyle. Tourists can walk through Woljeongsa pine forest road which is one of the most beautiful forest trails in Korea, we can meditate with the monks and do other activities.

Image Source : KTO

Address: 374-8 Odaesan-ro, Jinbo-myeon, Pyeongchang


Distance: 20 minutes drive by car from Jinbu Station

Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium

From Woljeongsa Temple, we will head to Alpensia Resort, where Winter Olympic 2018 will be held. The ski jump, which is used as a ski jumping field, looks magnificent. This is a fairly memorable scene because it is the filming location of the movie ‘Take Off’. Take the elevator up to the tower and climb up to the lounge with a height of 90m. there are two ski jump clubs, K98 and K125. The photo zone allows us to take pictures as actually jumping.

Image Source : KTO

Gangneung Ojukhoen

If we pass through Daegwallyeong in Pyeongchang, it is Gangneung. A place that should not be forgotten in Gangneung.

Naming ‘House of Black Bamboos’ due to the black bamboo that surrounds the house, Ojukheon is the 165th treasure in Korea. Yi Yulgok, a student of the Joseon Dynasty era and his mother Shin Saimdang is a renowned artist, writer and poet who was born and raised in the house. The mother and son are on 50,000 won and 5000 won.

Image Source : KTO

Address: 24 Yulgok-ro 3139beon-gil, Gangneung

Distance: 10 minutes drive from Gangneung Station

Gangneung Seongyojang

Just like Ojukheon, Seongyojang is representative of Gangneung. Seongyojang is the best house among Hanok traditional house. This is a typical 99-size house (the traditional house counting unit), the largest size that any upper-class noble except the king may have, at the end of the Joseon Dynasty. In Seongyojang, we can relax and feel staying at Hanok. Facilities in Hanok are kitchen appliances, toilets and bathrooms are conveniently arranged like a home.

Image Source : KTO

Address: 63 Unjeong-gil, Gangneung

Distance: 10 minutes drive from Gangneung Station

Olympic Promotion Hall

Gangneung is host to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. If we are wondering when and what kind of games will be held by Pyeongchang Winter Olympic 2018, we can visit the PR and Experience Center near Kyungpo and see the whole process of preparing Pyeongchang Winter Olympic. We can also experience winter sports directly with 4D technology in the Experience Center.

Image Source : KTO

Gyeongpodae Pavilion

Kyungpo is close to the Olympic Promotion Hall. Lake Kyungpoho has a name that means “as clean and beautiful as glass”. Located in the middle of pine forest and lush cherry trees. Kyungpodae is intentionally built as a reconnaissance site, offering an incredible view of the lake and the moon radiated above it.

Image Source : KTO

Address: 365 Gyeongpo-ro, Gangneung

Distance: 10 minutes drive from Gangneung Station

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