‘Strongest Deliveryman’ Go Kyung Pyo and Chae Soo Bin Start A Relationship Without Status

“From now on, we’re dating” that’s when they both start a fake relationship. Both are not yet aware of their relationship and make the audience feel excited seeing them.

On August 19, KBS 2TV ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ episode 6, Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) and Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) start to pretend that they are lovers. To prevent Kang Soo’s delivery, Dan Ah lies and says “I love Kang Soo”.

Image Source: KBS

Dan Ah said to Kang Soo, “I almost hurt you. I lied. Now we are dating. From today we are in a relationship”, she added, “Don’t forget that I am your lover”.

Both have no feelings. But Dan Ah misunderstands Kang Soo and gets closer and closer. Although both are always fighting with each other, actually a sweet chemistry has formed between them, and it makes their romance story is awaited by the public.

Image Source: KBS

Especially, they both create a strange, unintentional atmosphere while cooking in the kitchen. Dan Ah closed her eyes. Of course, nothing strange happens after that, but when they’re together, they look perfect with each other.

Go Kyung Pyo expresses Kang Soo’s emotions with a deceptive acting. He masks his feelings for Chae Soo Bin, burst into tears, to succeed in establishing a chemistry. Go Kyung Pyo’s talent was again found and led the drama well.

Image Source: KBS

Chae Soo Bin also portrays Dan Ah’s character as a cool figure, but through Kang Soo she begins to realize her other emotions. When Go Kyung Pyo and Chae Soo Bin are together, a large synergy is formed. And the sweet romance story between the two will be more eagerly anticipated.

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