‘School 2017’ Kim Jung Hyun Is Being Honest With Kim Se Jeong, “You Are My Dream”

On the 21st, KBS 2TV ‘School 2017’ portrays Hyun Tae Woon’s (Kim Jung Hyun) love for Ra Eun Ho (Kim Se Jung).

Eun Ho is aware of the viewers of the webtoon series that she made increases. Seeing the comment with the nickname ‘Nice Guy’, she said: “This guy is on our Webtoon, every day”. Hearing that, Hyun Tae Woon said: “Maybe he is a big fan of yours”. “Are you ashamed of being caught as a nice guy?” Eun Ho said. He realizes ‘Nice Guy’ is Tae Woon’s nickname. While Tae Woon cannot control the expression of his embarrassed face.

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“Actually from 13 views, 10 of them are me. I do not even know if I’m talented in making webtoon”, Eun Ho talked about her dream. “Can I keep going, what we can and what we like is different. I’m afraid my talent will disappear”, said Eun Ho. Then Tae Woon also gives his support, “Usually, people dream of a fierce competition”.

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Tae Woon’s online support continues. He gives the comment “Very exciting”, “The author is very genius.” Eun Ho is touched to see it, especially when there is a comment that reads “One thing is very unfortunate, it seems the main character does not know how to like someone. If she knows the taste of dating, her character will surely feel more alive”.

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Moreover, Tae Woon also said to Eun Ho “I’m not sure what my dream is, will I be happy when reaching it, does my life will be any different”. Hearing that, Eun Ho advises Tae Woon, “You should have something that makes you happy”.

Tae Woon looks at Eun Ho, “I’m doing it now” he said. “Do you have no other wishes” replied Eun Ho. “I’m happy, happy and nervous when I see you. Are you my dream?”, Tae Woon said. Until the end, he keeps talking about his heart.

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