An Announcement From the Second Generation Actresses, Park Ha Sun and Hwang Jung Eum

The 2nd generation actresses announced the news of them giving birth. Actress Park Ha Sun and Hwang Jung Eum are now a mother.

Image Source: SURE

On August 24th, the agency of Park Ha Sun announced, “We want to announce the good news of Park Ha Sun and Ryoo Su Young couple. Park Ha Sun has given birth to a girl weighing 3.5kg in a maternity hospital in Seoul on the 23rd of August night”.

After giving birth, Park Ha Sun gave the statement through the agency, “I am very happy to give birth to a beautiful daughter we have been waiting for. I am very grateful for the prayers when the news of my birth was published. My child will grow up healthy and beautiful. My movie ‘Midnight Runners’ received a lot of love from many people and I am very grateful for that, and I hope to become a better actress in the future”, expressing her feelings.

Image Source: ELLE

Hwang Jung Eum also announced the same news 2 weeks ago. On August 15th, Hwang Jung Eum’s agency announced, “Hwang Jung Eum gave birth at 8:30 pm with a normal process”. Hwang Jung Eum gives an update on her condition through the agency, “I am grateful that my child was born safely and healthy. Moreover, my child was born on the day of independence. Thanks to everyone who have prayed for me”.

Meanwhile, Park Ha Sun meets with Ryoo Su Young in MBC drama ‘Two Weeks’ in 2013 and continued their relationship as a couple. Hwang Jung Eum married a professional golfer Lee Young Don in February of last year.

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