‘Four Men’ Nana Becomes the Female Lead Character, Collaborating With Park Hae Jin

Singer and actress Nana will play alongside Park Hae Jin.

‘Four Men’ is a cheerful, mysterious drama about a man who seeks the answer and hope of a human being. The female lead named ‘Yeo Rin’ will be played by Nana. Yeo Rin, who after losing her beloved man, follows the mystery of his death. She meets a man who looks the same and she will face the unexpected events that follow after their encounter.

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Previously, Park Hae Jin received the casting of the main character with a 4 character role that attracted a lot of attention. Park Hae Jin will demonstrate a wide acting spectrum by showing various characters including the role of Jang Il Hoon in the secretary department of a large company that is a person who seems to have a deep secret.

Yeo Rin, who will be played by Nana, is a person who becomes a police officer with specialization in boxing and judo. She is expected to exploit the most human aspect of sense in justice as a criminal who is more accustomed to using her body than her head. Yeo Rin prepares Hyun Soo, a social reporter and a friend, and an episode of Jin Soo, a fellow inspector who wants to keep herself like a child.

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Nana who has just debuted in acting and got a good response in the tvN drama ‘Good Wife’, recently completed filming the movie ‘The Swindlers’.

After completing the casting, this work will be done in November and it will be the next 100% pre-production drama.

‘Four Men’ will finish filming early next year and will premiere in the first half of next year.

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