Kim Soo Hyun vs. Lee Jong Suk, The Shifts of Their Character From The Good Into The Bad Guy

Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jong Suk, who have shown such a remarkable performance as a star in public, have portrayed different sides of them.

‘Real’ Kim Soo Hyun

Not only since the first scene, since the first dialogue he was already an evil character.

Image Source: Alibaba Pictures

In the life of Kim Soo Hyun in ‘Real’, he has a job that holds the most severe moment. As a young star, he has unconventional back-to-back exposure and dance action with dark background.

Kim Soo Hyun, who wanted to show a dashing appearance, struggled between a difficult story, and successully showed a frustrating ending at the end of the movie.

‘V.I.P’ Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk continued the psychopathic transformation with ‘V.I.P’. He is loved with the image of his role in dramas ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’, ‘Pinocchio’, ‘W’ and so on, and he played Kim Gwang Il who cannot control the state or the law in ‘V.I.P’

Image Source: Warner Bros.

Lee Jong Suk also stirred the audience’s anger since the beginning of the film. With a clear face and long eyelashes, he lured the hearts of women and made the movie become more thrilling. Lee Jong Suk in this movie is  surprising as well.

His strong desire is what makes Lee Jong Suk chose ‘V.I.P’. What about the results of his choice?

Lee Jong Seok’s performance in digging evil cast with just a few popular facial expressions and aura without dialogue. However, some viewers experienced extreme depravity for the exhibition of female victims and possibly the character of Kim Gwang Il.

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