‘School 2017’ The Romance of Kim Se Jung-Kim Jung Hyun and Han Sun Hwa-Han Joo Wan

‘School 2017’ tells a sweet story. In addition to Kim Se Jung and Kim Jung Hyun, there are also Han Sun Hwa and Han Joo Wan who also reassured their feelings. On the 28th of the KBS 2TV ‘School 2017’ drama, Ra Eun Ho (Kim Se Jung) and Hyun Tae Woon (Kim Jung Hyun) began to unite for a mission.

Before dating Hyun Tae Woon, Ra Eun Ho repeatedly tried to use makeup. Hyun Tae Woon could not close his mouth when he saw Ra Eun Ho show up. He was fascinated to see it.

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The two started dating. Hyun Tae Woon embraced Ra Eun Ho and kissed her cheek. Both of them show that love is blooming. Ra Eun Ho and Hyun Tae Woon also look adorable at school. Not only that, Hyun Tae Woon was very worried when Ra Eun Ho was sick due to the food at school. He began to intervene directly as X and showed his strength as a boyfriend.

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Han Soo Ji (Han Sun Hwa) and Sim Kang Myung (Han Joo Wan) also look cute. When Sim Kang Myung quarreled with Han Soo Ji, he said, “I want to make you smile but somehow I scold you,” “Are you apologizing or confessing your feelings?” asked Han Soo Ji. She kissed him first, and Sim Kang Myung could not hide his surprised face.

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However, the sweet moments did not last long. Hyun Tae Woon wanted to punish Yang Do Jin’s school principal who did corruption on school food’s expense and his identity as X was in crisis. Ra Eun Ho saw the incident, and viewers are curious on how long their romantic relationship will last.

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