SNSD Soo Young “Debuted When I Was Still 12 Years Old, I Couldn’t Experience Things That Others in The Same Age Have”

SNSD has just made a comeback for their 10th anniversary and by playing in the weekend drama as the heroine, in the midst of her packed schedules Soo Young does a photo shoot for Korean Vogue fashion magazine.

Image Source: Vogue Korea

In the interview after the photo shoot, Soo Young was asked “What is the definition of beauty for you?” And she replied “I strongly believe that I should look comfortable with myself so I will look beautiful in the eyes of others. So in everyday life, I prefer my comfort even when in acting”. She expresses the value of beauty.

Image Source: Vogue Korea

In addition, she also made her debut in Japan at the age of 12 years and started her life in the entertainment industry since then. “If you think that this makes me unable to feel the normal things that children feel at that age, then I feel a bit bad. But if that time does not exist, then right now I will not be here. I honestly accept the fact that all the time I’ve been through makes this time more precious”. She shares the unique moments that exist in her life.

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