‘Save Me’ Ok Taecyeon and Woo Do Hwan, Will Save Seo Ye Ji

On the 27th of Saturday-Sunday drama OCN ‘Save Me’ episode 8, Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) tried to communicate with Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji).

That day, Han Sang Hwan, Woo Jung Hoon, and Choi Man Hee were lurking near Im Sang Mi’s home. The three men followed Guseonwon’s car ridden by Im Sang Mi and Im Joo Ho. After seeing Baek Jung Ki and his followers, they believed it is a pseudo. At that moment, the phone rang, Baek Jung Ki was aware of the presence of these three people.

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Baek Jung Ki has rescued Im Sang Mi, but Im Sang Mi said “Even then it is like this. You touched my body and my legs with your dirty hands like a real priest. I will not give up even if you threaten me. I will tell the world how dirty and disgusting this place is. ”

Baek Jung Ki appeared before Han Sang Hwan, Woo Jung Hoon, and Choi Man Hee. Han Sang Hwang said to Baek Jung Ki “Are you a priest? What is your goal? “Then Baek Jung Ki replied,” I will bring my followers to heaven. This place is sacred. When the evil spirits came, they were harassed “he said and told them to leave. Han Sang Hwan said again “If you keep doing it to the end, you will too,” Baek Jung Ki replied “If the youth continue to do so, they will go to the valley of death full of fire.”

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Han Sang Hwan met Im Sang Mi at her home, he heard Im Sang Mi will be a spiritual mother. Han Sang Hwan knocked on Im Sang Mi’s window and communicated. Through his handphone, Han Sang Hwan wrote “Are you locked up? Do you really need help? “Im Sang Mi just nodded. Then Han Sang Hwan again wrote ‘ Wait, I’ll save you, “Im Sang Mi cried and nodded.

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Suk Dong Chul (Woo Do Hwan) was also contacted by Han Sang Hwan. Han Sang Hwan told that Im Sang Mi seemed to be trapped by a pseudo group. “I saw a man like that in prison. This time you sure will not run away, “said Suk Dong Chul. “This time I will not run,” said Han Sang Hwan. At that time Woo Jung Hoon and Choi Man Hee came, all three were in a reunion. After that Han Sang Hwan, Woo Jung Hoon, and Choi Man Hee tried to save Im Sang Mi.

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