Chae Soo Bin, After Go Kyung Pyo to Participate in ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ Drama OST

The main actors participated. Actor Chae Soo Bin will sing an OST from the drama ‘Strongest Deliveryman’.

According to the music industry on the 29th, Chae Soo Bin participated in filling the KBS 2TV drama ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ which is starring herself.

Image Source: Esquire Magazine

Previously she has completed all the recording work, and her song will soon be released through various online music sites.

Actor Ko Kyung Pyo, who also starred in the drama, participated in the OST work. It is expected that the emotions in the drama will be maximized because the actors sing the songs to be inserted directly into the drama.

The OST lineup of this drama was previously a singer, and that attracted quite a bit of attention. Starting with Jang Jae In, then the main cast of Ko Kyung Pyo, followed by VANTA, Barber Letz, and Na Yoon Kwon who gave their power to this drama OST.

Image Source: KBS 2TV

On the other hand, ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ is a drama depicting the love and success of people in the Korean lower caste centered on the main character, the jjajangmyeon deliveryman.

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