‘Save Me’ Ok Taecyeon X Woo Do Hwan, Can Ha Sang Hwan Rescue Seo Ye Ji?

On the Friday-Saturday drama OCN ‘Save Me’ episode 9, it is depicted that Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) was looking for Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji).

On that day, Han Sang Hwan, Woo Jung Hoon and Choi Man Hee intercepted a car from the old crew and rescued Im Sang Mi. Im Sang Mi, who rejoins with Seok Dong Chul (Woo Do Hwan), thanked him. In the past, Im Sang Mi thanked Seok Dong Chul and said, “I am alive because of you, so I want you to live.”

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Han Sang Hwan and Seok Dong Chul brought Im Sang Mi to Dae Sik’s house. Seo Dong Chul approached Im Sang Mi while shivering, she said, “Everything’s alright now, so stop shivering.” Im Sang Mi smiled briefly while looking at four other people. Im Sang Mi confessed what happened in the old sailor, and the five of them were shocked.

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Except for Seok Dong Chul, others reported to Woo Choon Gil. Finally, Im Sang Mi revealed that Woo Choon Gil was the one who sent her back to the old crew. So they stared at each other. Im Sang Mi told Lee Kang Soo about the old crew, but Lee Kang Soo’s reaction to Im Sang Mi’s name was weird. Im Joo Ho’s kidnapping that reported to the police station also ended upside down.

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Lee Kang Soo told Han Sang Hwan, Woo Jung Chul, and Choi Man Hee that they should not intervene because it was a family matter. However, Han Sang Hwan replied, “This is a matter of domestic violence, do you send the victim back to the perpetrator now?” And, “What do you do as a police officer?” Han Sang Hwan was angry at the fact that the new crime was obtained after he has completed his activities.

Im Sang Mi finally returned to the old crew. The audience is sad with many things and is now waiting for Im Sang Mi.

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