From Being A ‘Handsome Man’ to ‘Killer’, Now It’s Time For The Normal Human Side of Lee Jong Suk In ‘Three Meals A Day’

On September 5th, Lee Jong Suk’s agency said, “Lee Jong Suk will be making an appearance as a guest on the tvN show ‘Three Meals A Day’ special edition of the seaside ranch.” He will be the guest along with Han Ji Min, Lee Jae Hoon and Seolhyun. “The actor finished filming on Deukryang Island and headed back on September 4th, “said the agency.

Lee Jong Suk starred in ‘Three Meals A Day’ for the invitation of Yoon Gyun Sang. Both received praise for acting as brothers in the SBS ‘Pinocchio’ drama which aired in 2015. The drama ‘Pinocchio’ has made Yoo Gyun Sang known to the wider community.

Image Source: tvN

They both have maintained their close friendship after the end of the drama and often communicate through SNS. In addition, Lee Jong Suk is actually someone who always refrains himself to appear on reality show. The ‘Three Meals A Day’ plays a remarkable role in presenting the original appearance of the guests.

Eric, Lee Seo Jin, and Yoon Kyun Sang showed a strong chemistry that attracted the attention of many viewers.

He once starred in the drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’, acting as a doctor in the drama ‘Doctor Stranger’, a reporter in the drama ‘Pinocchio’, a millionaire in the drama ‘W’, as well as a killer in the movie ‘VIP’ this time he will show the role of ‘real Lee Jong Suk’ through the show.

Meanwhile, the reality show ‘Three Meals A Day’ airs every Friday at 09.50PM KST.