Kang Ha Neul Enlisted To Military Service Yesterday


On September 11 at 2 pm, Kang Ha Neul started his military training period located in Nonsan, Chungnam and completed basic training first. The agency said, “He wants to enter the military calmly, based on the actor’s wishes there is no special event at Nonsan.”

Until before entering the military, Kang Haneul has had a busy schedule. He once said, “I want to turn my phone off and go on tours.”  However, before entering the army, he has been busy promoting ‘Midnight did not have time to travel.

Image Source : bnt

3 days before entering the military, Kang Haneul was known to have time for himself and reportedly he met his family and friends. He had reportedly dated IU, but it was not reported anymore.

Through ‘The Heirs (2013)’ and ‘Misaeng (2014)’, Kang Haneul got a lot of praise. Kang Haneul has starred in various works, such as’ Twenty (2015) ‘,’ C’est Si Bon (2015) ‘,’ Dongju (2016), and ‘New Trial (2017)’, he is known as the blue chip of entertainment world.

He also created a unique image that is hard to get from other actors and actresses such as ‘mistery maker’ because of his mysterious character. Kang Haneul will do his best to complete his obligations for 2 years and exit the military on June 10, 2019.