The Famous ‘Goblin’ Star, Gong Yoo’s Next Appearance Is Highly Anticipated

It has been a long time since we saw Gong Yoo acted on screen. Last year Gong Yoo starred in the movie ‘Train to Busan’, ‘Age of Shadows’, and tvN’s drama ‘Goblin’ in which the last episode aired in January this year. As if without a rest Gong Yoo has completed 3 works at a time, and now his rest period has lasted for 8 months. The period is likely to continue. This year it is ensured that we will not see any of Gong Yoo’s acting.

Scripts and scenarios have already offered to Gong Yoo, yet various dramas were rejected and films were’rejected after review.

Image Source: tvN

Previously Gong Yoo had refused ‘Goblin’ and gave a skeptical response. ‘Goblin’ was finally chosen because of persuasion from the writer Kim Eun Suk. She said, “He is the actor who most often rejects my work.” Although the drama ‘Goblin’ was a great success, his thoughts on television drama have not changed so much. Even if he does his comeback, his next work will lead more to movies rather than dramas.

He has not made any decision for his next movie. It is said that most of the big screen scenarios which aired recently and attracted attention as the anticipated work in the world of cinema have been offered to Gong Yoo. The same situation happened to box office scenarios. Producers once said, “It is better to say that the work is rejected than being reviewed. It is really hard to get Gong Yoo.”

Image Source: Showbox

What is more crucial is that there is no scenario that immediately won his heart. Gong Yoo won the best male actor on TV at the ’53rd Baeksang Awards’. It was difficult to control his emotions like when he was crying. It also takes time for his psychological state.

The agency and production conveyed, “Because for 2 years he has worked without rest, he felt the need to work hard on his acting career. Now he has got a lot of attention and there is no other choice but to think carefully about the next work. It is not easy to find suitable characters and scenarios.”

Image Source: Warner Bros

According to one of his relatives, he often was seen at home doing sports and going to the office when he does not do the advertising contracts. If he does not have a schedule, he will be in the agency office almost every day. It is reported that he has a very good life these days, and he often jokes about how he does not even have a lover. He has not made any plans and sometimes his visual looks casual and simple. His friend expressed that Goo Yoo always looks like a classy actor.