‘Dangerous Outside Of Blanket’ Xiumin EXO And Kang Daniel Wanna One Is Such A Good Combination

MBC’s reality show ‘Dangerous Outside Of Blanket’ will be airing its 3rd episode.

Image Source: MBC

In the previous episode, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel drew public attention with his friendly personality, while Xiumin EXO showcased his skills as a ‘professional cleaner’ and ‘housekeeper’ by washing dishes and cleaning the house. Also what attracted viewers interest are the charms emitted by both of them when playing games that involve betting and suffering.

Image Source: MBC

On the first day, they looked happy and smiled widely after Xiumin and Jo Jung Chi joined the show, and they did a water polo match.

In addition, the guests were surprised to see the stars playing at home during the holidays, and they enjoyed the ‘water sports’ inside their house. This makes viewers wonder how the ‘water sports’ would be going.