Beauty Tips During Pregnancy From Park Ha Sun, Jun Ji Hyun, and Park Soo Jin

The beauty of a pregnant mother is called ‘D Line’. The body shape of a pregnant woman who resembles the letter D is such a beautiful form.

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Famous starts who are envied by many people also experience the process of marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth. The stars seem to have beautiful skin and make many people jealous because they do not look different before and after pregnancy.

After marrying Ryu Soo Young, Park Ha Sun who gave birth, giving beauty tips with diligent cleaning. Jo Yoon Hee who was pregnant after marrying Lee Dong Gun, also talked about her habit of enjoying fruits and vegetables for soft skin. Jun Ji Hyun who is pregnant with the second child, diligently drinking water and telling her that her treatment is sufficient hydration. Park Soo Jin who has a  beautiful skin also is pregnant with her second child, she said the mask gives moisture and adequate nutrition.

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If we want to have perfect beauty like celebrities, we must beautify the first ‘Inner Beauty’ that is visible in the body. It is most effective to supply and consume enough vegetables and fruits.

It is also is important to consume vitamins and minerals to gain nutrition. We can continue to do the most basic of beauty treatment in ourselves by consuming enough water which basically is 70% in our body.

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Many people have difficulty taking care their while pregnant. If the skin experiences problems such as dry, pregnant women are reluctant to use cosmetics or drugs that contain a large number of chemical components.

In this case, it is possible to arrange it by choosing a mask that does not have harmful components, choose a lightweight product that can clean carefully and can be used by pregnant women. After 20 minutes of applying the mask, we can absorb excess essence and absorb more water. Using moisturizing creams and facial oils is also important to prevent rapid evaporation of water, and we can accumulate more layers of skin to make the treatment more effective.