Jang Dong Gun and Lee Byung Hun Will Return To The Small Screen

Actors Jang Dong Gun and Lee Byung Hun will be on TV simultaneously in the first half of next year.

Lee Byung Hyun returns with tvN’s drama ‘Mr. Sunshine ‘, while Jang Dong Gun with KBS 2TV’s drama’ Suits’. The return of ‘trusted actors’ gets a lot of expectations from fans. Lee Byung Hyun makes a comeback in drama after 8 years, while Jang Dong Gun after 6 years.

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In the drama ‘Mr.Sunshine’, Lee Byung Hum will showcase his charisma as an intermediary of the United States with a setting of the 1900s. tvN ‘Mr. Sunshine’ will air next year on Saturdays and Sundays. The drama has not confirmed the airing schedule, but the drama crew expects the drama to air in May.

‘Mr. Sunshine’ is considered a desirable drama which hugely anticipated because it the work of director Lee Eung Bok and writer Kim Eun Sook.

Jang Dong Gun will appear in American remake drama ‘Suits’. ‘Suits’ is a popular American series that aired in 7 seasons. Korea is the first country to remake this drama. The drama is planned to air in the first half of next year on KBS 2TV. The drama is likely to air on Wednesday and Thursday.

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There is only one reason why choosing the drama ‘Suits’. Because Jang Dong Gun playing the character is so charming for his age. Jang Dong Gun’s agency said, “Jang Dong Gun waits for six years to play this character.”

In the drama ‘Suits’, Jang Dong Gun plays as Choi Kyung Seo, a legendary lawyer. The charm of a successful man with strong charisma appearing in a suit makes the viewer’s expectation even higher. Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun are expected to show their best performance.

‘Suits’ became a hot topic in the fashion industry when it aired in the United States. To the extent that the clother worn by the actors and actresses sold out in the market. Looks like this will be a drama version of the movie ‘Kings Man’.

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