4 Best Filler Dramas With Surprising Ending

On October 3rd, KBS 2TV ‘Girls Generation 1979’ has finished with 8 episodes where usually a drama containing 16 series. Although known as a ‘filler drama’, ‘Girls Generation 1979’ became the popular Monday-Tuesday drama.

There are many dramas made in haste but suddenly receive a lot of love. Though originally become a filler and replacement for the previous work, these dramas are not only a hot topic but also praised for its ‘ideas’ and ‘fresh stories’.

▲ SBS ‘The Chaser’

Image Source: SBS

SBS drama ‘The Chaser’ is known as ‘replacement drama’. So Hyun Joo is the main character of ‘The Chaser’ as an employee of one of the radio programs, ‘The Chaser’ is a replacement drama. This drama received triple attention and gathered a lot of topics. Through the drama ‘The Chaser’, So Hyun Joo won an acting award in 2012.

The actors were casted just in 15 days and the filming was done in a hurry, but the drama still got a great success by receiving the viewers rating as much as 20%.

▲ MBC ‘Marriage Contract’

Image Source: MBC

MBC’s weekend drama ‘Marriage Contract’ consisted of only 16 episodes where the weekend drama usually consists of 50 episodes. Therefore, this drama is known as a ‘filler drama’ and the expectations for the drama ‘Marriage contract’ were not so high. Many audiences questioned the performance of the two leading actors Lee Seo Jin and Uee.

However, once it was aired, the drama ‘Marriage Contract’ gained support from many viewers and the actors managed to play a somewhat complicated story. Because this drama tells of the emotion in an affair with a woman who was married in just a few times and got a rating of 22%.

▲ KBS ‘Becky’s Back’

Image Source: KBS

KBS 2TV drama ‘Becky’s Back’ contained 4 episodes, because it only has episodes that a lot of people call ‘drama replacements’. However, the drama ‘Becky’s Back’ attracted a lot of attention after featuring a unique atmosphere and an interesting story.

The ghost between Gang Ye Won and Jin Ji Hee was unexpected, and the comedy story of ‘Ok Hee’ brought together the audience’s praise. This drama managed to get a rating of 10% and drama became a popular drama among the drama lovers.

▲ KBS 2TV ‘Girls Generation 1979’

Image Source: KBS

The drama ‘Girls Generation 1979’ is a drama that most people regret because of its short airing time of only 8 episodes. Although initially did not get great expectations, the drama received a positive response in the final episode because it reminded us of the memories of old times with Daegu background in the 70s.

Moreover, the ‘Girls Generation 1979’ actors Bona, Chae Seo Jin, Seo Young Joo, Lee Jong Hyun, Yeo Hoi Hyeon are newcomers, but their acting skills have been recognized.