Park Shin Hye Will Appeare As A Special Cameo in ‘Temperature of Love’

Actress Park Shin Hye will make a special appearance in the drama ‘Temperature of Love’

Park Shin Hye recently decided to make a special appearance on the SBS drama ‘Temperature of Love’ and is adjusting the exact schedule.


Image Source : Star1 Magazine

Park Shin Hye will be a cameo because of her relationship with Hae Myung Hee, the writer of ‘Temperature of Love’. Park Shin Hye and Ha Myung Hee have been working together since the SBS drama ‘Doctors’, which won many awards last year.

Park Shin Hye has promised to appear as a cameo in ‘Temperature of Love’ if she has a chance to become a power for writer Ha Myung Hee. It’s hard to get the exact schedule due to her hectic schedule, but Park Shin Hye is planning to start filming next week.


Image Source : SBS

‘Temperature of Love’ is an intriguing romance drama that adjusts the temperature of love between writer Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin), chef On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) and businessman Park Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook), therefore this drama also keep its position stays on top.

Park Shin Hye has released her movie ‘Silent Witness’ on the 11th where she becomes a prison lawyer named Choi Hee Jung.


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