tvN ‘Taxi’: “Lee Dong Wook Is No.1 Star, While Ji Chang Woo Is Super Kind”

tvN’s reality program  ‘Taxi’ on the 25th aired its 500th episode. On the 10th, the production team of ‘Taxi’ expressed their gratitude, “Taxi can go on endlessly not just because of the appearances of VVIP top stars or memories with the artists, but also because of the 1000 passengers who still willing to ride with us.”

Image Source : tvN

‘Taxi’ premiered in 2007 and has already transported 1000 artists for 10 years. It also invited Hollywood artists such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise up to Jeon Do Yeon and Bae Doo Na. There were about 33 couples who showed up. Kim Hee Sun came to show her married life with her husband. Recently, the couple Ahn Hyun Soo – Woo Na Ri appeared on a variety show for the first time. Keum Na Na, Ham So Won, Lee Je Ni, Shin Joo Ah, have made appearances too.

The producers mentioned Ji Chang Wook and Lee Dong Wook as the most memorable star. “Ji Chang Wook, who was filming ‘THE K2’, even though the filming involved a long drive, the staff still finished it well. On the set, for the sake of production and fans, Ji Chang Wook sang a song and gave a mini-concert prize”, said the production team.

Image Source : tvN

The production team chose Lee Dong Wook as first place. The production team added, “His appearance at Hongkong was incredible, many female staffs were attracted to his charm.”

‘Taxi in LA’ which was held to celebrate 500 episodes aired on October 11th.