Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik and Yang Se Jong, The Master Piece of Writer Ha Myung Hee

There is a new shining actor who plays in the work of writer Ha Myung Hee. Along with Monday-Tuesday drama SBS ‘Temperature of Love’ which was ranked first, Yang Se Jong looks glowing.

Yang Se Jong debuted 1 year ago and has become a special newcomer. Actually, during the casting stage, there is little sense of concern for the little acting experience owned by Yang Se Jong. However, only in its first airing, Ha Myung Hee seems to make the right decision.

The works of writer Ha Myung Hee in the past such as’ One Warm Word ‘and’ High Society’ have attracted great attention with the newcomer actors. The nickname ‘Man Raised By Ha Myung Hee’ has become popular.

Park Seo Joon ‘One Warm Word’

Image Source : SBS

This is Park Seo Jun’s first time playing as a lead actor. The ‘One Warm Word’ drama that aired in 2013 shows a variety of couples. Park Seo Joon is only interested in one woman, Song Min Soo. Her love for an older woman make female audience hearts thumping. After ‘One Warm Word’, he began to become the lead actor in the drama ‘Witch’s Romance’, ‘Kill Me Heal Me’, and ‘She Was Pretty’.

Park Hyung Sik ‘High Society’

Image Source : SBS

There is a separation of the main characters, but all eyes and topics were focused on Park Hyung Sik. In the drama, he acts as Yoo Chang Soo, a general manager at the shopping center and the third child of the Yoomin Group owner. Previously, his acting talent has been acknowledged, but there are concerns about the popularity of terrestrial stars, but the audience got attracted to him as a charming and more surprising chaebol character, his acting skill has developed. Though he is young, he has to live like an adult and meet the part part-time students in his shopping center.

Yang Se Jong ‘Temperature of Love’

Image Source : SBS

Yang Se Jong’s deep, emotional, and honest eyes, his loving words make him loved by the audience. Yang Se Jong meets back with his first love after 5 years and seeks the optimal love temperature. Viewers sympathize with the dialogue that feels sentiment, smooth, and solid. An honest and straight-forward man becomes a character that female viewers want to see.