Choi Min Sik, Park Shin Hye, and Ryu Junyeol Being Friendly On The Set of ‘Silent Witness’

The film ‘Silent Witness’ released behind the scene of the movie which is filled with tension and shows the charm of the actors.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

‘Silent Witness’ is a film that tells of a man named Im Tae San who tried to clear his son’s name, from accusations of killing his fiancee.

In this released piece of images, unlike in a movie or drama whose tension is unpredictable, the actors radiate a charm that reveals a friendly atmosphere behind the scenes.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

Choi Min Sik plays ‘Im Tae San’, the man who has everything but is in danger of losing everything he has. With his unique charm and charisma, he attracts attention with a friendly appearance and 180 degrees different from his character in the movie.

Park Shin Hye acts as Choi Hee Jung, a lawyer who will prove that Im Mi Ra, the son of Im Tae San, is innocent. While Ryu Junyeol plays as Kim Dong Myung, who becomes a key witness in the case. On the set, they were seen laughing together.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

Choi Min Sik and Park Shin Hye played a game to wait for the filming. Choi Min Sik and Ryu Junyeol were also talking together in a friendly manner. Look forward to the charisma they will show in the movie ‘Silent Witness’.

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