Leeteuk and Siwon’s Teasers in Super Junior’s 8th Album ‘PLAY’ Has Been Released

On October 18th, Super Junior’s official website, Instagram, Facebook and other SNS released teaser photos of Leeteuk and Siwon, raising fans’ expectation of Super Junior’s 8th album.

Image Source : SM Entertainment

The 8th album, titled ‘PLAY’, is scheduled to be released on November 6th by combining the dual meaning of ‘playing music’ and ‘playing passionately’. They will release popular songs which are easy to sing and listen to. Super Junior’s unique songs will feature various musical elements.

Image Source : SM Entertainment

After the special album ‘MAGIC’ released in September 2015, the album ‘PLAY’ which will be released after about 24 months features Super Junior’s increasingly established musical colors and presents a different charm. This album will captivate the eyes and ears of world music fans who have been waiting for Super Junior’s comeback.

In the meantime, Super Junior’s show ‘SJ Returns’ has received a warm welcome every weekday at 11 am on ‘Naver TV’ and ‘V LIVE (V APP).

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