Director Jang Tae Yoo of ‘My Love From Another Star’ Meets Park Hae Jin in ‘Four Men’, Viewers Expectation Increase

The drama ‘Four Men’ drama has raised public expectations thanks to presence of director Jang Tae Yoo. Its popularity gained thanks to the name of a star director.

On the 17th, revealed for the first time the news that Jang Tae Yoo will be the director in the drama ‘Four Men’. After SBS decided not to cooperate with the drama ‘Four Men’, director Oh Jin Seok quit the drama and it needed a new director. After that, director Jang Tae Yoo joins the production crew of this drama and reunites with Park Hae Jin after 4 years.

Image Source : Esquire

One representative of ‘Four Men’ said, “Park Hae Jin sent a call of love to director Jang Tae Yoo after their encounter through the drama ‘My Love From Another Star.'” It made the public curious how the chemistry they would generate through this work after having previously worked together.

Director Jang Tae Yoo previously directed works such as ‘War of Money’, ‘The Painter of the Wind’, ‘Tree With Deep Roots’, ‘My Love From Another Star’, and so forth. During this time he has shown promising works and gain popularity. Therefore the public begin to take an interest in this drama ‘Four Men’.

A television station representative said, “After the appearance of director Jang Tae Yoo, the drama ‘Four Men’ which previously attracted attention will further increase the expectations of the audience. The people around me also said they were getting more interested after the director Jang Tae Yoo’s presence.”  Another representative said, “The people who participated in the drama are very important. Many are curious about the story of the work.”

Image Source : Esquire

The ‘Four Men’ drama is a romantic mystery-themed investigative drama that tells of a female detective who lost the man she loves, and coincidentally meets her twins. Actor Park Hae Jin, Nana, Jo Hyun Jae, Kwak Si Yang, and Kyung Soo Jin have been confirmed to play in this drama. The filming of this drama will begin in November.