‘Temperature of Love’ Seo Hyun Jin’s Last Choice, Yang Se Jong or Kim Jae Wook?

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Temperature of Love’ the production drama crew on answering “Who should Hyun Soo ends up with?” has become a serious concern. The reason is that the viewers have various opinions and give huge supports for each couple.

Image Source : SBS

The audience who support Jung Sun said, “Right now, Hyun Soo and Jung Sun are so in love with each other that love must be kept to the end.” Jung Woo’s fans said, “It’s true Jung Woo has been sending love to Hyun Soo for a long time, and Hyun Soo has come to expect him with respect and gratitude so that her feelings can be deepened with love” hoping that Jung Woo and Hyun Soo can be together.

The production crew also said, “Temperature of Love is based on Han Myung Hee’s original work, ‘The Soup Does not Receive a Call’, but the details and character have been made different from the original. The characters in the distant drama brighter and more lovable than the original. In particular, Jung Woo has no understanding compared to his novel, and his presence in ‘Temperature of Love’ is so great that he is not worried whether he will choose Jeongwoo’s unavoidable situation.” Then he added,” ‘Temperature of Love’ is not stuck in the original novel. It is unclear whether the formulation of the main characters featured in the existing drama should be applied to the temperature of love. Please see how the endings will be.”

Image Source : SBS

Starting with online club chats, writer Hyun Soo, French chef Jung Sun, and surrounding characters show the love and affection of youth dominated by superficial relationships. ‘Temperature of Love’ airs every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00.